Pain Sucks. We know.

Remedial Massage Can Help.

Breaking point doesn’t just happen for no reason. We don’t just “get” back pain or shoulder pain. Unless you’ve been pushed down the stairs there is usually a series of incremental tiny nudges that push us towards critical mass. Sign that your body is going into overload. Often we’ve put ourselves into situation where we just don’t realise what we’re doing is bad for us.

Then one day, we snap, and nothing is ever the same again.

  • My shoulder hurts!

    You’ve got a lazy mouse arm that gives you curry and pins and needles in your hand when you wake up in the morning.

  • You've got pain in the neck

    Whether that’s figuratively or metaphorically your neck still feels crap. You can’t turn your head to check your blind spots so you’re basically an accident waiting to happen.

  • You feel out of alignment

    You’re not sure why you just kind of feel like poo.

    It’s awful and you’re tired of it.

What if you could Feel Peachy?

  • Works for your BODY

    Kristie is all about helping you find out not just WHERE you are hurting but WHY you are hurting and HOW you can fix it YOURSELF!

  • We Build a Program to suit you!

    Massage isn’t a one size fits all solution, so at Feeling Peachy we do our best to build you a program that works for you and your lifestyle.

  • In a Healthfund?

    We totally have you covered. Kristie is registered with all the Health funds and will issue you with a receipt for you to claim back on her service.

At Feeling Peachy we know that Pain is the Pits!

 All too often you suffer unnecessarily with all too common ailments. Back pain, in particular lower back pain, will see many of us taking days off work, and being unable to engage with our family and friends.

Each and every day Kristie sees clients with all manner of aches and pains and more often than not, she finds that in some way her style of Remedial treatment can help reduce pain and increase optimum well being.


Hi! I'm Kristie and helping you Feel Peachy is my goal.

Here's what I believe...

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

I know that there are no quick fixes or cookie cutter solutions to your pain, the way for me to really understand you and your unique body is to do a Feeling Peachy Full Body Assessment.

This is a 30 minute appointment where we uncover exactly WHAT is going on for you and WHY that might be happening. I will take a deep look at your history as well as what is happening right now and see how these things might be working to make things far less than awesome for you.

The Right Tool For The Job

I believe that there is a right tool for every job, and honestly I may or may not have that tool. However, with over 16 years experience as a massage therapist, I have been able to amass a conglomerate of different techniques drawing from everything including trigger point therapy to positional release, and I will always look to give you the right technique at the right time. Drawing from both evidence and experience, I will do my best to meet your therapeutic expectation and long term goal of treatment.

Your Journey is Our Journey

We're in this together, my aim is to help you find your way back to optimal health and well being. Remedial Massage as a treatment is going to be  journey, because we both know that Rome wasn't built in a day and you didn't just wake up one day broken and in pain but because we're in this together I will be there to support you every step of the way.

You've had massage before....How'd that work out for you?

This is NOT your usual massage and Kristie is NOT your usual therapist. When you come for a massage you're probably expecting it to go like this:

  • Short conversation about your problem
  • Clothes off Face down on the table
  • SMASH Your problem area for 45-50min
  • Clothes on and leave.

Well, appointments with Kristie are just a little bit different.

How much will it cost?

Initial Assessment with Remedial Massage Session - 105 - 120 min - $150

The initial assessment fee is waived when you book for a Remedial Massage session. Kristie will run through the HOW and WHY of your concerns and then APPLY her unique skill and techniques to help start the process of getting your body back to optimal mobility.

Option 1.

Remedial Massage Initial Care Plan 4-6 x 75 min sessions - $97.50/ session

Once Kristie has assessed you and you have had your Initial Remedial Massage session, Kristie will discuss the right options for you and your body. Most clients find that they need 4-6 "quick succssion sessions"
At this point you will have the option to go on to our Remedial Massage Initial Care Plan. Kristie has found that most clients respond to her treatment within 4-6 sessions and when you book regularly the success rate increases and the session cost decreases. This care plan requires you to join our Feeling Peachy Family.

Option 2.

Remedial Massage Casual Sessions
75 min - $120

Sometimes it's hard to know if Remedial Massage is really right for you and that is totally cool we get it. If you're not feeling up to commitment just yet, we understand 100% and Kristie's style and technique may just not be your thing. So we offer a casual rate so you can have some "getting to know us" time.

Once you've attended an Initial Remedial Massage Session you have a few choices.

At Feeling Peachy we'd love to teach you how to take care of yourself.

So, we're creating "the Lazy Girls guide to Self care" A 7 day video series featuring Kristie

  • The Lazy Girls Guide to Self Care

    WAH!! Taking care of your self is hard and you know what, we’re all time poor and well sometime just a little bit lazy (am I right). So often we push ourselves to the bottom of the list that we just fall right off and by the time we meet the end of the day, a glass of wine looks like just the right thing to take care of or selves.

  • 7 days to not feeling like Poop.

    IF you could start to feel better in just 7 short days wouldn’t that be AWESOME? Our 7 day self care series is simple and effective. Kristie will guide you through each day and all the steps to taking better better care of your self.

  • Did we mention it's FREE?

    The Lazy girls guide to self care are the correctives and exercise that Kristie both does her self (most of the time…) and prescribes to her clients.


I want to find out how to better take care of my self. So Sign me up to the 7 day series.

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

I went to see Kristie the first time when I was due to fly out to Melbourne and my back was so badly knotted from stress and anxiety that I had difficulty standing straight and tall and even walking. It was very clear that she had extensive knowledge and training as she assessed the areas needing attention and she had the expert techniques to work on them. She is passionate, caring and extremely competent which is evident in the results she has achieved. On each subsequent visit, she takes the time to assess how you are feeling on that particular day and to address any new issues. From the first massage I was more relaxed and in less pain and now after six months I have very little pain and have been taught how to understand my body and the exercises needed to remain a pain free state. Kristie has transformed my body and in doing so has enabled me to tackle any stress sent my way with greater confidence.

Anne. B.
Anne. B. Client since 2015

I have seen Kristie to make me feel better for many aches and pains over the years but she really came into her own when I was 40+ weeks pregnant. I hadn't slept a full night in months and everything ached. Kristie to the rescue- I left after my massage feeling lighter and like I could finally move. That night I slept right through the night comfortably.

Soraya O.
Soraya O. Client since 2009